Soil and water iron microbes in North Carolina

Owen Duckworth, PI

Room: 3208
Office Phone: 919.513.1577

Owen has been working with iron oxidizing bacteria for 10 years. He teaches soil biogeochemistry at North Carolina State University. He oversees the project and leads educational and outreach efforts, in coordination with the science house.

Megan Andrews, Postdoctoral Associate

Megan is working on understanding what bacteria are found at these sites and how they affect the chemistry of iron in streams and lakes. She leads efforts involving field measurements and sampling.

Andrew Whitaker, Graduate Student

Andrew is studying how the structure of the iron minerals produced by bacteria varies from those that form chemically or are found in rocks. The way bacteria produce these minerals results in unique structural characteristics that may affect mineral behavior in the environment. He leads efforts to study the bacteria in the laboratory setting.

Tyler Sowers, Graduate Student

Tyler is studying how bacterial iron minerals react with metal ions, and how this reactivity varies from minerals that are produced chemically. These minerals may be useful in remediating polluted areas and in filtering contaminated drinking water.

Joe Thomas, Undergraduate Student

Joe is focusing on sites of iron blooms near campus to see how they change with time. By continuously monitoring sites, we can learn more about the ecology and formation rates of iron blooms.

High School teachers and Students across North Carolina

We hope you will help us sample and get the word out about iron!